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Office of Legal Affairs

Open Records Request Detail

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Pursuant to the Texas Open Records Act, I hereby request the following documents:

  1. All invoices, payment information, purchase orders, RFP, proposals, notes of meetings, regarding or evidencing any financial transactions, and/or communications (for any reason) between your entity and the following individuals and/or entities for the previous 10 years:
  • Senator Judith Zaffirini
  • The Senate Office of Senator Judith Zaffirini
  • Zaffirini Communications
  • Zaftex Corporation
  • Judith Pappas Zaffirini
  • Judy Zaffirini
  • Carlos Zaffirini, Sr.
  • Carlos Zaffirini, Jr.
  • Border Health Care Venture
  • Adelanto HealthCare Ventures, LLC
  • Zaffirini & Castillo, Attorneys
  • Judith Zaffirini and Associates
  • David H. Arrendondo
  • Clarissa Chapa
  • Delfina and Josefina Alexander Family Limited Partnership
  • Delfina E. and Josefina Alexander Family Limited Partnership