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Office of Legal Affairs

Open Records Request Detail

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Under the Texas Public Information Act, I request the following information, if possible in electronic format:

1)  A list of all UTHSC-H faculty who are affiliated with MHS Physicians of Texas

2)  All documents related to contracts, subcontracts, financial, management, or operational agreements, and affiliation agreements with MHS Physicians of Texas  

3)  For all  UTHSC-H faculty affiliated with MHS Physicians of Texas, financial data to include all sources of income (including but not limited to salary, benefits, extra pay, professional fee collections, contracts —with source, grants, support supplements — with source, directorships, teaching) and expenses (including, but not limited to billing, collection, and clinic expenses, PLI) and wRVU or RVU data for the years 2007-present. 


Personnel Information