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Office of Legal Affairs

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Under the Texas Public Information Act, §6252-17a et seq., I am requesting  copies (electronic preferred, but paper acceptable) of the following public records:

1. Annual reports for the years 2008-present from Dean Colasurdo to the UTHSC-H EVPARA that include certification that all annual faculty reviews for medical school faculty have been conducted as stipulated in HOOP 111.

2. For the years 2007 to present, the UTHSC-H Request for Approval of Participation in Outside Employment Activities, and Financial Disclosure forms for Craig Cordola, Associate Dean for Hospital Affairs and Community Partnerships, and medical school faculty members Stefan Kreuzer, Ramesh Hariharan, Thomas Murphy, Saumya Sharma, Khashayar Hematpour, Atilla Ertan, and Thomas Murphy. 


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