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UTHealth Open Records Requests Received

Note: The links in the chart below are provided to allow you to make a request identical to one that has been previously submitted. If you wish to request new or different information, please follow the instructions on our Open Records Information page.

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The following party co-signed this November 5, 2015 letter to the BMJ (British Medical Journal) posted on the website of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI):

Daniel R. Taber, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Department of Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences
University of Texas School of Public Health
Austin, Texas, USA

Please provide me with all records associated with the above party's co-signing the November 5, 2015 letter to the BMJ including but not limited to e-mails and other correspondence with representatives of the CSPI.

Requestor: Peter Heimlich


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I'm interested in obtaining information on the accepted students for the MD program. Specifically I would like the following information:


  1. The 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile GPA for admitted students as well as of the whole applicant pool
  2. The 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile SCIENCE GPA for admitted students as well as of the whole applicant pool
  3. The 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile MCAT scores for admitted students as well as of the whole applicant pool

Basically, the information could be organized in a table looking something like this:

Class of 2016


Applicant Pool

Admitted Students


25th percentile

50th percentile

75th percentile

25th percentile

50th percentile

75th percentile

Overall GPA







Science GPA







MCAT Score







And one such table for each Class year requested.


  • I would like this information for the Class of 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019

Requestor: Daniel Abassi

Statistical Information

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I request copies of all emails sent to or received by the individuals listed below and all employees of Memorial Hermann Hospital with "" as the domain part of their email address:

  • President Giuseppe N. Colasurdo
  • Chief Operating and Financial Officer Kevin Dillon
  • Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services Michael Tramonte; and
  • Assistant Vice President and Chief Compliance Office William LeMaistre

The time frame of this request is January 1, 2014, through August 15, 2015.

Requestor: Geoff Embler


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Several months ago, I requested the AAMC data on faculty salaries for 2008-2014 that UTHealth Medical School reported to the AAMC...However, this 1/30/2015 spreadsheet, too, is in error, since it does not include the salary of Dr. Thomas Murphy in the Dept. of Family and Community Medicine....Please provide me the corrected data that includes Dr. Murphy’s salary and report again the corrected data to the AAMC....  

Requestor: Bruce Kone

Personnel Information

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Regarding the contract resulting from your RFP titled Student Loan Collection Services / 744-1303 due 12/07/2012, based on the term of the contract and the available options, it is possible this contract could be put out for bid again soon. Can you please tell me whether you plan on exercising any available option(s) or holding a new procurement in the coming weeks or months?

Also, how can we ensure we are notified by the appropriate parties when this contract is released for bidding again?

Requestor: Doc Mirino

Contract Information

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Landscape maintenance contract for UT at houston various buildings as follows : MSB,MSE,CYF,UPB,UPG,SON,SPH,UCT,IMMBBS,SOD,AUX/REC,SFA.

Requestor: Todd Minnis

Contract Information

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Please let us know if you hold any stale checks, undeliverable checks or other property owed to but unclaimed by the following entities: 

  • ACS Lending, Inc.
  • Xerox Business Services or one of its subsidiaries. (Subsidiary Listing attached). 

If so, we would like to initiate whatever process is required to reclaim those funds. 

The corporate history of Xerox Business Services, LLC is as follows.  In February 2010, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (“ACS, Inc.”) was acquired in its entirety by Xerox Corporation. One of its subsidiaries was ACS Lending, Inc. In January 2012, ACS, Inc. later converted to Affiliated Computer Services, LLC (“ACS, LLC”).  In April 2012, ACS, LLC changed its name to Xerox Business Services, LLC.  Xerox Business Services, LLC wholly owns its subsidiary, Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc., which is the entity now seeking to reclaim funds owed to the entities bulleted above. 

We understand that certain fields on your report may be confidential, so we restrict this request to information on the check number, check date, amount of the check, agency code or reference number, and payee name and address, and presume that other information will be redacted as appropriate.

Clarified to limit entities to ACS Lending, Inc and Xerox Business Services.

Requestor: Scott Cardwell

Financial Information

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My Name is John Behr of the Texas State Employees Union, in accordance with Texas Open Records law; we are requesting the following information for all employees of UT Health Science Center at Houston.  The information we are looking for is as follows:

  • Employee Id
  • Employee Last Name
  • Employee First Name (First and Last Names in separate fields or columns)
  • Job Title
  • Job Code
  • Department
  • Work Location (Building working in)
  • Room Number
  • Home Address (if waiver applies)
  • Campus Mail Address
  • Campus Email Address
  • License number for all employees issued a license by Texas Board of Nursing

Requestor: John E. Behr

Personnel Information

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Request for records of [a named individual].

Requestor: [REDACTED]


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Please provide awarded RFP and Bid Tab [for RFP 744-1309].

Purchase Orders

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