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Note: The links in the chart below are provided to allow you to make a request identical to one that has been previously submitted. If you wish to request new or different information, please follow the instructions on our Open Records Information page.

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Under the Texas Public Information Act, 552 of the Government Code, I request access to or copies of all certified perfusionist salaries employed at your institution.  I am only requesting their individual base salary (no call pay or additional monies), years of experience, and general information about their job.  This salary request is for the year of 2015.  These numbers are requested for comparison, retaining and recruitment for our institution.

Requestor: Jeff Floyd

Personnel Information

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In accordance with your institution's open records request process, I would like to request the following:

 - List of all Internal Audits staff

    -- Including names, titles, current salaries

 - List of all job titles offered by the Internal Audits

    -- Including job descriptions, duties, and pay ranges

Requestor: Marcus Gula

Personnel Information

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I am making an open records request for the detailed narrative of what occurred for police report case number 2015-0403-011.  A record of the audio of Mr. Robinson calling UT police would also be needed.  The incident occurred 04/03/2015 at about 19:36PM Friday.  

Requestor: Benedict Emesowum

Police Reports (Offense, Accidents, Etc.)

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I hereby request a copy of report number 20150308-003 from The University of Texas Police at Houston (UTP-H)

Police Reports (Offense, Accidents, Etc.)

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Under the TPIA, I request all documents concerning or referencing a “Division of Cardiac Electrophysiology” at UTHealth (UTHSC-H), including, but not limited to, documents concerning any plans for, formation of, formal application for, approval of, or indeed existence of such a division. 

Requestor: Bruce Kone


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With regards to UTHSC Houston’s rental/leasing contracts from technology leasing, managed services, seat management and financial services providers that are currently being utilized or have been in the past, I would like to request: 

  • A copy of the Master Lease Agreement or Master Rental Agreement including any/all equipment schedules/addendums.  Lessors may include, but are not limited to Dell (or Dell Financial), IBM Global Finance, CSI Leasing or other related technology lessors.
  • A copy of all supporting docs including, but not limited to Certificates of Incumbency, Certificates of Acceptance, Assignment docs, Essential Use forms, etc.  

NOTE: Withdrawn by requestor

Requestor: Kris Stanley

Contract Information

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I want to request a copy of the complaint letter regarding Dr. Ananaba (now Dr. Ekeruo on I sent to the Internal Medicine Department attention Monica Garcia.

Requestor: Henry Wu

Personnel Information

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My name is Genevieve Strawderman and I work for CORT Furniture Rental. We are trying to help university students make moving easier by allowing them to lease furniture from us instead of purchasing  and storing it from year to year.  We were hoping to be able to contact all current, University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston students to let them know about our services.

It is my understanding that student e-mail and information is publicly available for institutions that accept federal funding. I would like to submit this request to please receive the names and e-mail addresses of all current students from your institution.

Requestor: Genevieve Strawderman

Student Directory Information

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Per The Freedom of Information Act, I respectfully would like to request a list of all employees that include the following information:

·         Employee’s First and Last name

·         Title

·         Salary

·         School/Department Name

·         School/Department Address

·         Employee's District Email Address

·         Years with school district

·         Employee’s age

Requestor: Michael Hensley

Personnel Information

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  • Any policy or operating procedure that addresses criteria used for forced or artificial weaning of nonhuman primates (NHPs) or other separation of NHPs from the mother. Such criteria may include, but is not limited to, age, weight, growth, development, behavior or test results.
  • Any policy on length of time NHP mothers are housed with their offspring.
  • Any policy or procedures related to the physical, psychological and behavioral care of NHPs artificially or forcibly weaned or otherwise separated from their mothers.
  • Any policy or procedures related to the process of artificially or forcibly weaning or separating NHPs from their mother.
  • Any policy or procedures related to surrogate-peer, peer-, hand- or nursery-rearing NHPs.
  • Any records related to the process for developing and reviewing policies and procedures related to NHPs not raised by their biological mothers.
  • Any and all records related to research protocols that necessitate forced or artificial weaning of NHPs or other separation of NHPs from the mother.

Requestor: The Humane Society of the United States

Information Regarding Agency Policies and Procedures

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