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Larry R. Kaiser

Larry R. Kaiser, MD, FACS

Welcome to the inaugural issue of UTHealth Magazine, published by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston – now called UTHealth.

We have a new look, too. Read about our branding initiative in "Branding the University".

UTHealth is a comprehensive academic health center in Houston’s Texas Medical Center. We have been serving the health and healthcare needs of Texans for nearly four decades. But our reach extends well beyond this state. With our cutting-edge programs in education, research, prevention and patient care, we are improving human health across the nation and around the world.

When I arrived, almost two years ago, one of my first priorities was to increase awareness of this bold, innovative institution. I believe our new publication – which will feature the people who work here and what they are doing in the laboratory, classroom and community, along with alumni, benefactors and other collaborative partners – will do just that, and I am proud to introduce it to you.

This issue will start at the beginning, so to speak, with a focus on research that opens new pathways in science. But it also will explain how this research benefits patients. Translational science, one of the most important developments in research in decades, aims to transform the knowledge gained through research into improved patient outcomes. It is one of UTHealth’s greatest strengths.

We were among the first group of 12 institutions in the country to receive a Clinical and Translational Science Award from the National Institutes of Health in 2006. Two years later we opened our Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences.

Although, like most institutions, much of our scientific research – translational and other – is funded by federal money, we also partner with individuals, foundations and corporations to explore promising lines of inquiry.

This issue also will focus on how we work together as an institution. Our collaborative nature – drawing on the strengths of six schools with deep expertise in their mission areas and working closely with partners in clinical care – is one of the reasons we are successful in addressing complex health challenges. We hope you enjoy UTHealth Magazine and, through it, find ways to connect – or reconnect – with UTHealth. I invite you also to visit our Web site or, even better, come see us in the Texas Medical Center or at one of our five regional campuses.

If you would like to give us feedback on the new magazine, please send a note to magazine@uth.tmc.edu. We would enjoy hearing from you and welcome your interest in UTHealth.


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