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Education Enrichment

As populations around the globe continue to evolve, our most pressing health issues are growing more complex—from antimicrobial resistance to cancer to COVID-19—and new ones are emerging. Now, more than ever, we must equip health science professionals to tackle these challenges and meet the growing health care needs of our communities.

When it comes to training future researchers and physician-scientists who will improve lives throughout Houston, the state of Texas, and beyond, MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School is leading the charge.

Education Enrichment

In partnership with the nation’s leading cancer hospital, our academic environment provides unparalleled opportunities for students to learn from world-class faculty, comprised of Nobel laureates and visionaries. Here, learners and educators alike stand at the frontlines of the fight to treat all major diseases.

Our students represent the future of biomedical science—from our MS and PhD students, whose research will contribute to longer, healthier lives, to our MD/PhD students, who will go on to become physician-scientists who bring clinical expertise to the lab. Through their work, they will transform discovery into lifesaving solutions.

As science advances at a rapid pace, it is crucial for teams of researchers and clinicians to work together to make discoveries, solve problems, and enhance health care delivery. To accomplish this, we must continue to attract the brightest students and unlock their potential for greatness.

Your support of Many Faces. One Mission. to enrich education at MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School will catalyze the creativity and productivity of our students. Together, we can prepare the next generation of health science professionals with the expertise and knowledge needed to make breakthroughs that lead to better health for our loved ones and neighbors.

  • My passion is to serve others through research and education, and I am pursuing my PhD to become a professor and continue my research on how the brain manages social interactions. I am tremendously grateful for your investment in the education and research potential of students like me.

    Melissa Franch

    PhD student

    The Sam Taub and Beatrice Burton Endowed Fellowship

    MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School

  • Inspiring and Empowering Students

    Summer undergraduate research programs help our school attract top undergraduate students who spend 10 weeks participating in research under the guidance of exceptional faculty mentors.

    Additionally, student research initiatives empower our emerging scientists to hone their research abilities. Programs and events like Graduate Student Research Day, where students present their research to peers and faculty and compete for awards, are critical to our mission to train the next generation of health science professionals.

  • Strengthening Our Communities

    Community outreach activities, including science fairs, lectures, and lab tours, enable our students to engage the Houston community and develop teaching skills. For instance, the annual Science Night allows children and their families to participate in hands-on science experiments and activities.