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Faculty Support School of Public Health

At UTHealth School of Public Health, we believe we are within reach of a world in which there are no restrictions on who can have good health—a world in which health has no boundaries.

From the communities around us to the health care industry to decision-makers in government, we are changing the way people think about and act on matters relating to health. By committing to being and doing our best in education, research, and patient care, we commit to safeguarding and improving the health of people in our region and across the world.

Faculty Support School of Public Health

As populations around the globe continue to evolve, public health issues are growing more complex and new ones are emerging. To solve them, we seek out health care’s brightest minds whose drive and expertise can translate into impact that benefits our communities.

The landscape for health care talent is competitive, and we seek people of all different backgrounds and perspectives with a goal of bringing them to UTHealth to do their finest work.

Our ability to continue and build on our commitment to excellence depends on our ability to provide top recruits with the facilities, resources, and financial support that helps them succeed at the School of Public Health. Endowed faculty positions provide these resources and help attract and retain researchers who will solve the toughest health challenges and educate the next generation of public health professionals.

Your support of Many Faces. One Mission. can fund world-class recruitment and retention programs on par with the exceptional talent that calls the School of Public Health home.

  • "Endowments that support faculty members at the School of Public Health unlock opportunities to pursue innovative ideas that can make a significant impact on the communities we serve. With funding, we can accelerate the time it takes to convert our research findings into community-based programs and policies that lead to healthier lives in Texas and throughout the world."

    Deanna M. Hoelscher, PhD, RDN

    Regional Dean

    John P. McGovern Professor in Health Promotion

    Director, Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living

    School of Public Health in Austin

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Our faculty are conducting groundbreaking work to clarify the unknowns of the pandemic through the COVID-19+ Cohort study, which aims to identify predictors of negative and positive outcomes and assess the lingering damage from the virus.

    Through developing a Community Information Exchange, our experts will help to address social determinants of health and the mounting health needs of families throughout Houston during the pandemic and long after. The exchange will link social services and health care in an easy-to-use online application.

  • Population Health

    We are hosting a preeminent site for scientific study in population health through the Center for Health Care Data, the largest data repository in Texas that houses and analyzes data on cost and quality of care to promote health care transparency.

    Across our six regional campuses, our faculty are tackling the greatest Texas public health challenges. With close links to local communities, we are able to account for the unique racial, geographic, and economic diversity of each region, enabling us to improve health in these areas and scale our solutions nationally and globally. This includes the Mobile Health Clinic at the School of Public Health in Brownsville, which serves our most vulnerable residents who often lack transportation and resources to access standard medical care.