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Sometime health challenges span beyond the individual. Whether a global pandemic, an obesity crisis, or regional health disparities, some problems affect entire populations.

Research -SPH

Researchers at the School of Public Health focus on communities—creating the tools, programs, and information that lead to healthier lives. Our public health experts work with local stakeholders to understand public health challenges and develop collaborative solutions that bring lasting change.

Our scientists apply a broad range of disciplines such as human genetics, nutrition, epidemiology, and workplace safety to improve the current health and future trajectories of the communities we serve.

With six regional campuses providing expertise in challenges across Texas—from domestic violence in Dallas to food insecurity in San Antonio—and the collaborative backing of UTHealth, the School of Public Health has the infrastructure and reach to better understand and solve a myriad of population health problems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the vital importance of public health research. As obstacles to health in our communities continue to arise, the urgency of a well-resourced powerhouse of public health knowledge and expertise will only grow. 

With a deep well of real-world experience and cutting-edge research capabilities, we are committed to finding the solutions our communities need to make longer, healthier lives a reality. Your support of Many Faces. One Mission. can help make a difference in communities throughout Texas.

  • When we think about some of the biggest challenges facing our communities, from COVID-19 to obesity and air pollution, public health research holds the solutions—and the School of Public Health has the people who are finding them every day.

    Susan Tortolero Emery, PhD

    Allan King Professor in Public Health

    Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Research Affairs

    UTHealth School of Public Health

  • COVID-19 Cohort Study

    We are conducting a COVID-19 cohort study with partners throughout Southeast Texas. The study follows a group of patients with COVID-19 to assess factors that contribute to positive or negative outcomes. This will allow public health experts across the nation to develop and implement treatments more effectively based on these factors.

  • Chronic Conditions

    Our researchers are implementing a comprehensive colorectal cancer screening program for populations with low screening rates. We are conducting this initiative in partnership with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

    We are conducting the first-ever assessment on the long-term results of a nationwide nicotine vaping prevention program for youth called CATCH My Breath. This study assesses the program’s effect on delaying the onset of e-cigarette use in sixth to eighth grade students.

    We are focusing on health problems and solutions specific to the Texas border, such as preventing and controlling obesity and diabetes. For example, the Tu Salud ¡Si Cuenta! (Your Health Matters!) initiative provides scientifically accurate information about healthy food choices and physical activity to community health workers and people outside of the health profession.