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Scholarships and Fellowships

More than ever, the world needs passionate, committed scientists to help solve the toughest health challenges. The students and fellows of MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School represent the future of biomedical science. Through their work, they will transform discovery into lifesaving solutions that safeguard our communities from devastating diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and COVID-19.

Scholarships and Fellowships -GSBS

Our master’s and doctoral programs equip the researchers of tomorrow with the expertise to make breakthroughs that lead to improvements in patient care and uncover disease mechanisms. Additionally, our top-tier MD/PhD program with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth prepares future physician-scientists to bridge the gap between medicine and science to bring discoveries in the lab to patients at the bedside. Our graduate students and trainees are central to the research our faculty conduct, catalyzing creativity and productivity.

Together, our learners and teachers share a commitment to scientific progress, to people, and to health. Through community outreach activities, including science fairs, lectures, and lab tours, our learners engage the Houston community and develop teaching skills. For instance, the annual Science Night allows children and their families to participate in hands-on science experiments and activities.

Our learners participate in game-changing research, from uncovering how deadly superbugs defy treatment to studying ways to overcome acute respiratory distress syndrome, one of the most dangerous complications of COVID-19.

Scholarships and fellowships provide MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School with the means to attract the brightest minds, many of whom may not be able to nurture their talent without the benefit of financial assistance. They allow our students to focus on their studies, cultivate curiosity and creativity, and apply their trainings.

Your generosity to Many Faces. One Mission. can send a ripple effect through our communities by creating opportunities for our graduate students to acquire the expertise and knowledge to make major impacts on the treatment of diseases.

  • I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary post-heart transplant. My scholarship weaves together, in a beautiful way, my story, my heart donor's story, and the scholarship donor’s family’s story. My transplant extended my graduate school timeline, and my scholarship provides greatly appreciated financial assistance toward my tuition.

    Kaitlyn Amos

    MS Genetic Counseling student

    Barbara L. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

    MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School

  • Scholarships

    Establishing a scholarship fund supports graduate students who will go on to enhance the health of our communities. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, financial need, and/or other factors in accordance with a donor’s wishes.

  • Fellowships

    A fellowship fund can support graduate students or postdoctoral research fellows who make significant contributions to the school’s research efforts. These valuable funds provide our students and trainees with the resources to support their continued education.