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Orthopedics and Orthopedic Trauma

No one schedules a traumatic event or injury. It comes without warning, sometimes bringing devastating consequences to victims and their families. While we cannot foresee these events, we can be prepared to save lives, restore function, and return patients to the activities they love.

Traumatic injuries are one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. As life expectancies grow and people remain active as they age, we must be prepared to deliver exceptional orthopedic and trauma care across the spectrum of life.

Orthopedics and Orthopedic Trauma

Working alongside our hospital partners, our world-renowned orthopedic surgery and trauma faculty at McGovern Medical School serve Greater Houston around the clock, caring for every aspect of injury—from prevention to lifesaving care to rehabilitation. Together with the trainees that follow in their footsteps, they staff clinics across the city and the nation’s busiest Level 1 Trauma Center at Memorial Hermann Red Duke Trauma Institute.

Our experts also stand ready to meet the unique orthopedic needs of older adults in our communities. The Bone Health Clinic addresses frailty by providing comprehensive treatment for metabolic bone disorders or bone loss related to osteoporosis. Our faculty also provide elite trauma care for elders at the Silver Trauma Unit at the Red Duke Trauma Institute, one of the nation’s first trauma centers designed for older adults.

In addition to this unparalleled level of care, we train the next generation of orthopedic surgeons and traumatologists through leading fellowship programs. Our faculty and trainees also pursue research that restores function and leads to life-saving advances.

The result of this dedicated clinical experience, educational mission, and research productivity gives the residents of Houston and Southeast Texas one of the best orthopedic surgery and trauma resources in the country.

Your support of Many Faces. One Mission. can help extend this legacy of excellence and equip us to continue restoring lives and inspiring hope in our patients—no matter when trauma occurs, no matter its complexity.

  • It takes a passionate, committed team of experts to repair the damage caused by a traumatic injury. At UTHealth, we have the expertise and the resources to give our patients the best possible outcomes, and we have what it takes to make a difference in our community.

    John Munz, MD

    Rochelle and Max Levit Chair in Orthopedic Surgery

    Walter R. Lowe, MD, Professor

    Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery

    McGovern Medical School at UTHealth

  • Education

    Our robust resident and fellowship programs—anchored by the nation’s busiest orthopedic trauma service—provide unparalleled opportunities for trainees to gain clinical and research experience.

    Our students and trainees are also central to the research our faculty conduct, catalyzing creativity and productivity and helping to lay the foundation to earn larger federal grants. Through participating in research early in their educational careers, students also gain crucial experience that makes them more attractive to competitive residency programs.

  • Research

    Our experts are pioneering research that leads to better patient outcomes—from determining the best treatments for trauma patients, to enhancing surgical techniques and reducing surgical site infections, to using physical therapy programs to address pain after injury.

    Additionally, we are repairing bodies and healing lives with the latest prosthetic and orthotic technology. Even for the most resilient person, recovering from the loss of a limb can be a monumental challenge. Our experts are developing next-generation prosthetic devices and designing comprehensive clinical programs that integrate surgery, prosthetics, physical therapy, and follow-up care for amputees and people with functional limb loss, including veterans and trauma survivors.