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María Carlo, Ph.D.

María  Carlo
  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Children's Learning Institute, UTHealth Medical School

María Carlo, Ph.D., specializes in bilingualism and literacy development in children and adults, focusing on the cognitive processes underlying reading in a second language and in understanding the cross-language transfer of reading skills and how it affects the development of such skills.


April Crawford, Ph.D.

April  Crawford
  • Director of State Initiatives, Children’s Learning Institute, UTHealth Medical School

April Crawford, Ph.D., oversees implementation of the Children's Learning Institute's statewide initiatives focusing on early childhood education and literacy, including the Texas School Ready project, the Texas Head Start State Collaboration Office and Reach Out and Read-Texas.


Ursula Johnson, Ph.D.

Ursula  Johnson
  • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Children's Learning Institute, UTHealth Medical School

Ursula Johnson, Ph.D., examines the impact of caregiver responsiveness and stimulation on young children’s cognitive, language, social and emotional development. Additionally, she provides nationwide consultation and training for the Play and Learning Strategies (PALS) program, a research-based intervention for parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers.


Susan Landry, Ph.D.

Susan  Landry
  • Founder and Director, Children’s Learning Institute, UTHealth Medical School
  • Albert and Margaret Alkek Chair in Early Childhood Development, UTHealth Medical School
  • Michael Matthew Knight Memorial Professorship in Pediatrics, UTHealth Medical School

Susan Landry, Ph.D., a nationally recognized expert in early childhood education, has led numerous research projects that promote early cognitive growth, development and quality learning environments for young children. She is currently involved in using the knowledge gained from years of studying young children to help promote the national goals of early childhood literacy initiatives. 

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