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Some herbal supplements may not contain what they claim

NewsFix Channel 39, 02/05/2015

Some herbal supplements are mislabeled, researchers report. Amitava Dasgupta, Ph.D., shared his thoughts on this report with NewsFix Channel 39 reporter Ben Lutman.


Proteja sus hijos contra el sarampiĆ³n

Univision Houston Channel 45, 02/05/2015

Kenya Parks, M.D., was interviewed by Univision Houston Channel 45 about the importance of childhood vaccinations in light of the recent measles outbreak.


Cancer causes can be controlled

KTRH Radio, 02/05/2015

Obesity and physical inactivity can increase the risk of some cancers. Grant Fowler, M.D., commented on these lesser known risk factors in a KTRH Radio interview.


Frieden, Alexander: 25 years after the passage of the ADA, a call to action

Houston Chronicle, 02/04/2015

Disability rights champion Lex Frieden co-authored an opinion editorial piece in the Houston Chronicle on the challenges faced by people with disabilities.


Measles can live up to 2 hours on a surface or in the air, CDC says

PunditFact, 02/04/2015

Catherine Troisi, Ph.D., was quoted in eight different stories by PunditFact, a fact-checking site of PolitiFact and the Tampa Bay Times, about different reporters' statements on the measles outbreak. 


William Lyles

TMC Pulse, 02/04/2015

Veteran William Lyles, now a data collector for the UTHealth Center for Translational Injury Research, was profiled in TMC Pulse as part of a story on the Hiring Red, White & You! initiative.


Pioneers of regeneration

TMC Pulse, 02/04/2015

Charles Cox, M.D., and Sean Savitz, M.D., were quoted in a story about regenerative medicine.


A warm welcome home

TMC Pulse, 02/04/2015

James H. "Red" Duke, Jr., M.D., and Ret. Army Col. John B. Holcomb, M.D., were included in a story about the Hiring Red, White & You! initiative of the Texas Medical Center.


Genetic modification

FOX 26 News, 02/03/2015

Eugene Boisaubin, M.D., talked to FOX 26 News reporter Andrea Watkins about the medical ethics of creating babies from the DNA of three parents.


Balanced ratio of plasma, platelets, red blood cells best for severe trauma

Reuters Health, 02/03/2015

A blood transfusion study led by John B. Holcomb, M.D., generated national news coverage including a story that appeared on Reuters Health.


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