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UTHRO Endowment Fund Update

Three 2021 award winners have been chosen

A virtual meeting was held on September 29 for UTHRO members to consider and vote on seed grant awards from the UTHRO Endowment for Healthy Aging. Many thanks to Monica Bennett and Dr. James Booker at the Consortium on Aging for hosting and arranging the Webex meeting, to Barbara Kelly who prepared summaries, and to others who reviewed the applications. There were 20 members present.

Two $1,000 awards were given, one in the category of Geriatric Education and one in the category of Quality Improvement in Geriatrics. Three projects entered in each category were summarized and sent to members before the meeting. At the meeting, votes were taken in each group, and a winner was announced. The two winners were Julia Hiner's “Evaluating Adult Mistreatment and Incapacity” and Maureen Beck's“The Effect of Quarantine on Body Weight in Residents of Assisted Living Facilities” respectively.

One $5,000 grant was also awarded and the winner in this category was Assaf Gottlieb's “Digital Markers for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease”. For more details read the Oct 2021 Evergreen newsletter.

The UTHRO Endowment for Healthy Aging is moving along! Thanks to your contributions, our endowment to benefit UTHealth’s patient care, education and research for the aging population and their caregivers continues to grow. Interest has accrued to the point that we have been able to make awards annually from the UTHRO Endowment since our first award in March 2019. For more information about the UTHRO Endowment please visit the About Us page.

Donation/Pledge form: UTHRO Annual Appeal Gift and/or Pledge Agreement

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