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Nash article looks at “recovery capital” among adolescents with substance use disorders

Nash is lead author in June issue of Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal

(April 29, 2019) – Cizik School of Nursing Assistant Professor Angela J. Nash, PhD, RN, Department of Research, is lead author of an article appearing in the June 1 issue of the international journal, Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Angela J. Nash, Emily A.Hennessy, Crystal Collier. Exploring recovery capital among adolescents in an alternative peer group. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 199 (2019) 136-143.

The study examined the Recovery Capital for Adolescents Model (RCAM), which is a proposed framework for identifying assets to enhance and barriers to address in supporting adolescents’ recovery from substance use disorders.

The authors’ findings confirmed that the RCAM is a useful model for identifying the multiple, interrelated factors inherent to adolescents’ recovery experience and potential pathways for resource-building. Specific strategies to enhance RC (i.e., recovery capital – the personal, social and environmental resources required to sustain recovery) and address recovery barriers are presented and illustrated with qualitative exemplars.

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