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Ramaswamy & Mathew Joseph publish in Journal of Transcultural Nursing

Ramaswamy & Mathew Joseph review studies of cultural beliefs about CVD risk

(April 29, 2019) – Padmavathy Ramaswamy, MSN, MPH, RN, an instructor in Cizik School of Nursing’s Department of Graduate Studies, is lead author of a new article now available online.

Ramaswamy, P., Mathew Joseph, N., & Wang, J. (2019). Health beliefs regarding cardiovascular disease risk and risk reduction in South Asian immigrants: An integrative review.  Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 00(0), 1-11.

The authors say that South Asians are a greater risk for cardiovascular disease than other ethnic groups. Understanding their unique health beliefs about cardiovascular disease, they suggest, is important in planning and delivering culturally competent preventive and educational services.

Ramaswamy, a doctoral candidate, has been a faculty member since 2016.

A coauthor on the article also is a Cizik School of Nursing faculty member: Assistant Professor Nitha Mathew Joseph, PhD, RN, Department of Undergraduate Studies.

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