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Office of Strategic Industry Initiatives

For Industry

OSII is a point of contact for all industry representatives interested in collaborating with UTHealth researchers. UTHealth, comprised of 6 schools, boasts $223M in research expenditures and nearly 1.5M outpatient visits annually. Additionally, the office of Technology Management (OTM) executes 25-30 licenses/options per year, files 40+ patent applications, and receives over $4.5M in gross revenues. OSII OTM, Sponsored Projects Administration, EVPARA, and faculty members all work together to ensure timely and coordinated translation of UTHealth research and discoveries. Altogether, UTHealth is uniquely primed to capitalize on potential synergies between academic and industrial research.

Identifying UTHealth Faculty

Typical publication, grant and patent database searches for potential faculty collaborators, while great ways to perform a preliminary exploration of potential opportunities, do not capture most recent research efforts and some grant agencies do not have databases. For more up-to-date information, directed searches, or just to develop a UTHealth relationship, contact the OSII Associate Director, Melissa Thompson.

Initiating Contact            

Industry representatives are welcome to contact UTHealth faculty directly. For many reasons, keeping OSII informed by simply copying the Associate Director can help streamline the process and clear potential hurdles. For example, given the close relationship of OSII with UTHealth’s Office of Technology Management and Sponsored Projects Administration, agreements, such a confidentiality agreements and sponsored research agreements, can be quickly set-up to enable effective partner.