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Post Award


Forms must be downloaded in order to save them. To do so, right-click the link, click "Save Target As...", then choose the destination on your computer.

Clinical Closeout Form - Used by the departments to request the closure of a clinical study.

Cost Transfer Request - Used by the departments to transfer expenses. (Do not submit screenshots or payment vouchers as backup support, just General Ledger details and supporting documentation.)

Cost Transfer/Exception To Policy Request Form - Note: This form is solely for the use in exception to policy transfers exceeding the 60 day limit as per institutional policy. (Do not submit screenshots or payment vouchers as backup support, just General Ledger details and supporting documentation.)

Contract Residual Closeout Form  - Used by the departments to request the closure of grants and contracts when funds vest with UT. (Rename and save the PDF form to your hard drive, complete and forward within your department for approval. Return to PAF when completed.) Clinical Closeout requests should not use this form.

Effort Report Calculation Check  - Excel worksheet to allow departments to ensure that each months effort is applied correctly and totals appropriately for each six month reporting period.

Salary Cap Worksheet - Used by the departments to accompany PA's with federal grants that are subject to the federal Salary Cap. (Revised January  10, 2016)

Salary Cap Worksheet for CPRIT  - Used by  the departments to accompany PA's with federal grants that are subject to the federal Salary Cap. (Revised April 28, 2016)

Gift Card Reimbursement Form - Used by departments to include with the non-po voucher documentation when requesting reimbursement of gift cards purchased.

Modular Grant Information - Resource for departments to use when preparing modular grant budgets.

Person Months Conversion Chart - Department can use this chart to assist them in completing their effort calculations.

Program Income Setup Request Form - Program income includes but is not limited to income from fees for services performed, the use or rental or real or personal property acquired under Federal awards, the sale of commodities or items fabricated under a Federal award, license fees and royalties on patents and copyrights, and principal and interest on loans made with Federal award funds. Interest earned on advances of Federal funds is not program income. Except as otherwise provided in Federal statutes, regulations, or the terms and conditions of the Federal award, program income does not include rebates, credits, discounts, and interest earned on any of them. See also §200.407 Prior written approval (prior approval). See also 35 U.S.C. 200-212 “Disposition of Rights in Educational Awards” applies to inventions made under Federal awards. (Note: Unless the Federal statute, regulations, or terms and conditions for the Federal award provide otherwise, the non-Federal entity has no obligation to the Federal awarding agency with respect to program income earned from license fees and royalties for copyrighted material, patents, patent applications, trademarks, and inventions made under a Federal award to which 37 CFR part 401,“Rights to Inventions Made by Nonprofit Organizations and Small Business Firms Under Government Awards, Contracts and Cooperative Agreements” is applicable.)

Relinquishing of Grants - Procedures for departments and PAF to follow when a PI relinquishes a project.

Split Account Request Template - Form used by the department when they wish to add an additional subproject to a main project.

Stipend Payments - Guidance for departments to use when submitting stipends on a project.

Subcontractor Tracking Form - Form used by PAF to monitor subcontractor invoices receipt and payment. Departments can optionally use the form.

Directions for Project Setup Budget Form - Detailed instructions for the departments to follow when completing the budget form for setup in FMS.

Setup Budget Worksheet - Excel budget worksheet for use of project setup in FMS. Includes worksheet for single and multiple projects.