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Post Award

Helpful Information

This section provides basic definitions of terms usually encountered with contract and grant financial management, and additional decision-making tools and responsibility outlines for standard procedures and processes needed for timely and efficient financial project management.

General information provided consists of:

  • contact information for the PAF Team main line as well as individuals
  • subcontracting considerations and process on all types of funded awards
  •  travel purpose codes essential to travel on grant funding
  •  terminology with which you should become familiar in grants management

Specific to federal awards there is

  • key information listed for NIH, the predominant entity of our federal funding
  • an associated site listing indicating if a given location is considered on or off campus for indirect cost calculation needs
  • an explanation of what predicates the need for IPA (Institutional Prior Approval) from a federal agency

Clinical trials and gifts can sometimes be confusing to differentiate. Information is provided to guide in the determination of what constitutes each and the distinguishing factors to consider.