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Post Award

Institutional Information

A-133 Compliance Letter - Confirms compliance with the audit requirements mandated in the applicable federal regulations and guidance (including OMB Circulars A-21 and A-81).

Calculating Salaries

F&A Rate Agreement - Outlines UTHealth's Facility and Administrative Cost Rate and is often included with grant applications.

FY 14 Benefit Tiers - A salary-based tiered percentage rate is used for budgeting and encumbering award dollars. The determination of the applicable tier is based upon the total gross salary (including supplements), regardless of funding source. Incentive payments, lump sum merit, and/or Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) are not included in the total gross salary amount. The benefit budget will be spread among the funding sources consistent with the salary. Departments are requested to use this worksheet to calculate an estimate for benefits.

FY 13 Benefit Tiers 

Institutional Data Sheet - UTHealth information commonly used to fill out grant applications.

Mobile Computing and Supplement Policy

Signature Authority

Statement of Qualifications - UTHealth Statement of Qualifications that will need to be included in various grants and contracts