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Colorado considers funding medical marijuana research

Published December 11, 2013 by OSP

Most evidence of the plant’s therapeutic benefits is either anecdotal or based on overseas research. Because possession is federally prohibited, it has been nearly impossible for medical researchers to study it as robustly as other drugs. However, Colorado having fully legalized marijuana use for adults, and with $13 million in the Medical Marijuana Program Cash Fund, Gov. John Hickenlooper allocated about half of it to medical research in his proposed 2014 budget, something no other state has done. Many veterans have reported that certain strains of marijuana helps them cope with PTSD. But attempts to add the condition to the list of ailments that qualify Colorado patients for a medical marijuana license, which require the approval of the state Board of Health, have been rejected. One reason is because of a lack of scientific research, which stems back to the federal prohibition on marijuana.

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