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Project Management

Ongoing oversight is necessary in successful project management, and having the right information can eliminate rework and approval-related issues. The information included here provides a basic resource for requirements/procedures/tips associated with day-to-day grant management/monitoring. Use of this information will help to eliminate account deficits, identify and correct budgetary problems associated with expenditures/encumbrances, and provide clarity as to the overall health of a project during its life. Ultimately, familiarity with the means and mechanisms described will assist in utilizing funding to its full potential and aid in the successful completion of the research or activity funded. Tools and information is provided here for budgetary changes, transferring expenditures, and clearance of encumbrances (commitments) and deficits as needed. Reconciliation information is also provided, with procedures and requirements for account closeout, extensions, reporting, and transfers of projects due to PI departure as well.

As always, if there are special issues not addressed here, you can contact the PAF team at or 713-500-4940.