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Michael Mesa, PhD

Michael Mesa, PhD

IES Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Michael P. Mesa is a postdoctoral researcher at the Children's Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center. He is originally from Miami, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Statistics from Florida International University. He earned his MS and PhD from the Educational Psychology and Learning Systems program at Florida State University, where he also earned certificates in Measurement and Statistics and College Teaching. (


PhD, Florida State University, 2021

MS, Florida State University, 2015

BA, Florida International University, 2012


Tricia Zucker, PhD and April Crawford, PhD

Research Description

Michael's research interests include examining the role of peer effects, classroom management, and culturally relevant pedagogy in effective instruction for young children at-risk of reading difficulties. Michael is also passionate about preparing and empowering future generations of educators and researchers.