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Constanza Inez de Dios, PhD

Constanza Inez de Dios, PhD


Constanza de Dios obtained her PhD in Psychology from the University of South Florida where she studied the cognitive neuroscience of reward salience and attention selection using electrophysiological methods. As a postdoctoral research fellow, she applies statistical learning approaches to clinical data at the Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Addiction at UTHealth in Houston. Her research interests include substance use, risk and facilitative factors of substance use treatment, data science, Bayesian inference, and machine learning. (


PhD, University of South Florida, 2019

BS, St. Mary's College of California, 2012


Robert Suchting, PhD; Charles Green, PhD; Joy Schmitz, PhD; Scott Lane, PhD

Research Description

In her current role, Dr. de Dios applies statistical techniques to substance use research by examining predictors of treatment response. These techniques include generalized linear modeling, multilevel modeling, and multivariate statistics. While much of this work has involved traditional frequentist inference, she has also applied Bayesian inference which allows us to quantify the extent to which effects of drug or psychotherapies exist, given certain levels of priors. She also uses techniques such as generalized additive models and meta-analysis to examine population-level data.