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Pilar Huby, MD

Pilar Huby, MD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dr. Pilar Huby is an MD graduated from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, specialized in Head and Neck, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at University Cayetano Heredia, working with burn injuries for more than 10 years. She joined UTHealth as a postdoctoral fellow where she works at the Center for Translational Injury Research (CeTIR) doing animal models of shock and hemorrhage and studying its mechanisms and new treatments.


MD, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos


Charles Wade, PhD

Research Description

Dr. Huby works at CeTIR and performs animal models of shock and hemorrhage (one of the leading causes of death in trauma patients) trying to elucidate its mechanisms and testing novel resuscitation fluids and testing new treatments.