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Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management

Pregnant Employee’s Guide to Radiation Safety

During the course of employment, the informed pregnant employee, who either works with radiation or who works in environments where she might be incidentally exposed to radiation, will be better prepared to protect herself and her child against potential risks. Methods to minimize radiation risks are explained. Our goal is to manage radiation exposures to levels that are as low as reasonably achievable while not compromising the conduct of duties in the workplace.

Radiation has many forms: heat, light, ultraviolet, microwave, ionizing, and so on. We protect ourselves from overexposure to all these radiations. However, humans have no physical sensation to potentially dangerous levels of ionizing radiation and thus can potentially be exposed to harmful
levels without knowing it. Therefore, ionizing radiation (x rays, gamma rays, beta rays etc.) requires special consideration for safety and management.

For more information download the Word doc.

To declare yourself for the Pregnant Worker Program please select this form.
To remove yourself from the Pregnant Worker Program please select this form.

Please complete these forms and return them to  Lauren Smith or Stephanie Brown in Radiation Safety. For questions regarding this program you can contact Lauren Smith at 500-5834 or Stephanie Brown at 500-5833. The forms can be faxed to 713.500.5841