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Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management

HCC Intro to Lab Safety

Safety comes in all flavors


Course Description

Topics include safe handling of biological, chemical, radiation, and nano scale materials.  Focuses on safety regulations and recommendations, and proper materials handling in research, clinical and petrochemical laboratories. Covers the classification levels of laboratories (i.e., Biosafety Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 requirements), laboratory risk assessment, medical surveillance requirements as part of an occupational health program, routine safety surveillance activities, identification of appropriate decontamination methods for biological, radiological, chemical or nano particle accidents, spills, and training materials required to educate personnel in all areas of laboratory safety, including biological safety, chemical safety, radiation safety, and recombinant DNA research activities. 


Course Schedule

Jan 17

Week 1: Introduction to Safety Standards and History of Safety

Laboratory Week 1:  Laboratory rules and site visit tour rules


Jan 24

Week 2: Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) and Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Laboratory Week 2:  Risk group classification exercises


Jan 31

Week 3: NIH rDNA Guidelines and Institutional Biosafety Committee

Laboratory Week 3:  rDNA experiment classification exercises


Feb 7

Week 4: Biological Safety Cabinets, NSF49

Laboratory Week 4:  Biological safety cabinet certification


Feb 14

Week 5: Exam

Laboratory Week 5:  Select Agents and Bioterrorism


Feb 21

Week 6: Laboratory Standard and Hazard Communication

Laboratory Week 6:  Material Data Safety Sheets/ Chemical Segregation & Storage exercise


Feb 28

Week 7: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Laboratory 7:  Donning and doffing of PPE


Mar 7

Week 8: Respiratory Protection

Laboratory Week 8:  Qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing




Mar 21

Week 9: Exam

Laboratory Week 9: Radiation Safety, Radiation safety survey, Geiger-Muller meter use


Mar 28

Week 10: Safety and Laboratory Animal Use

Laboratory Week 10: Tour of UTHealth animal facilities


Apr 4

Week 11: Occupational Health

Laboratory Week 11:  Tour of UTHealth Employee Health Clinic


Apr 11

Week 12: Fire Safety, NFPA45

Laboratory Week 12: Fire extinguisher training


Apr 18

Week 13: Exam

Laboratory Week 13: Biological waste and autoclave training


Apr 25

Week 14: Radiation and Chemical waste

Laboratory Week 14:  Tour of waste processing facility at UTHealth


May 2

Week 15: Environmental releases

Laboratory Week 15: Spill drill exercise


May 9

Week 16: Exam

Laboratory Week 16: Measuring Safety Program Performance and Professional Development

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