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Fast Facts


The Fayez S. Sarofim Research Building...
  Encompasses 229,250 gross square feet
  Has a $120 million total cost
  Moves 50 percent of the air from the offices into the atrium, saving air conditioning costs by providing "semi-conditioned" air to the atrium space
  Can withstand hurricane-force winds on its exterior terracotta rainscreen system
  Includes a vivarium sufficient for a rodent population of about 23,000
  Allows natural light to penetrate further into the laboratory spaces by using ceiling “clouds” suspended from laboratory ceilings—convex-shaped and colored white, the panels diffuse light off their surfaces
  Uses glass on 90 percent of the north façade—filling the building interior with natural light and showcasing the building’s function
  Divides its area into roughly 50 percent lab space, 50 percent office space, with the intention that the vertex of the wings will foster human interaction
  Employs open laboratory areas with 20 linear feet of island bench in each workspace module—all of the island benches are all easily movable to accommodate the changing dynamics of research
  Has 22 open lab modules along the north side of each of the four lab floors
  Offers an area called “The Institute Gateway” as the public “face” of the IMM—includes the entry vestibule, atrium, auditorium and conference center
  Is located in the Texas Medical Center at 1825 Pressler St., Houston TX 77030.
The New Frontiers Campaign...
  Total campaign goal: $200 million
  Combined total of previous three UT-Houston campaigns: $51 million
  Building cost: $120 million
  Total number of gifts in New Frontiers Campaign: 600 from nearly 500 donors
  Average gift size: $207,000
  Gifts of $1 million or more: 36
  Number of endowments established by the campaign: 27
  Largest gift from an individual: $25 million from Fayez S. Sarofim
  Largest gift from a foundation: 20 million from The Brown Foundation, Inc.