Certificate of Health Informatics Curriculum

Here are the classes that are part of the Certificate of Health Informatics program.

Certificate in Health Informatics - Option 1 consists of 5 classes, listed below:


    Foundations of Health Informatics I should be taken in the first semester. The other 4 classes can be taken in any order. Please note: The class list differs from what is listed in our printed brochure.

    Certificate in Health Informatics - Option 2 consists of any 5 classes offered by the School of Biomedical Informatics with guidance from the Certificate Program Director.  This option allows professionals to customize their studies to meet their background and needs.

    Please browse the Course Catalog for a list of all of our offerings.

    Successful completion of the program requires passing each course with a grade of A, B, or C. Students may not earn more than two grades of "C", earning a third grade of "C" results in automatic dismissal from the program. Professionals who complete the course of study will receive a certificate of completion.

    If a student wants to transfer into a degree-seeking program, he/she must first seek admission to the desired program. If a student wishes to transfer the credits earned in the Certificate program to a degree program he/she must seek approval from a Masters or PhD advising committee. A course must have been passed with an A or B in order to qualify for transfer credit.