Masters Dual Degree Program

The M.S./M.P.H. dual degree program combines the M.P.H. from the School of Public Health with the M.S. degree from the School of Biomedical Informatics. The training and curriculum in the dual degree program will provide students and future leaders in public health the necessary skills to be leaders in the field of Public Health Informatics. The dual degree program provides an integrated curriculum that includes a number of shared courses as well as a practicum experience and/or the thesis topic in the area of public health informatics. The selection of specific academic programs, and scheduling of specific courses, fieldwork, and practica for individual students is guided by an advisory committee, which includes faculty from both institutions.


Students in the dual degree program must be admitted separately to each institution and must meet the requirements of each institution for its respective degree. Admission to one program does not assure admission to the other. Students in the dual degree program will receive a diploma from each degree program after meeting the individual requirements of each program.

Master of Science in Health Informatics Program Requirements

Catalog 2009-2012 Version

Required Courses 

HI 5380 Principles and Foundations of Public Health Informatics (3 hrs)

HI 5381 Methods in Public Health Informatics (3hrs)

PH 1110 Social and Behavioral Aspects of Community Health (3hrs)

HI 5352 Statistical Solutions for Health Informatics Problems

HI 5354 Cognitive Engineering I in Health Informatics

PH 1690 Introduction to Biostatistics (4hrs)

HI 5314 Technology Assessment in Healthcare

HI 5315 Quality and Outcome Improvement in Healthcare

HI 6309 Healthcare Interface Design

HI 6323 Datamining in Bioinformatics

HI 5310 Foundations of Health Information Sciences I (3hrs)

HI 5311 Foundations of Health Information Sciences II (3hrs)

HI 6000 Practicum in Health Informatics (6hrs)

PH 9997 Practicum in Public Health (3hrs)

PH 9998 Written Paper Option (3hrs)

Support courses (6hrs)

3 hrs minimum needed
6  hrs minimum needed
3 hrs minimum needed
24 hrs needed


Masters of Public Health

Shared Courses

16 hours must satisfy the core courses in the discipline. Core courses must be a letter grade. The core courses that you must take in public health are the following:

  • PH 2610 Introduction to Epidemiology
  • PH 1690 Foundations of Biostatistics OR PH 1700 Intermediate Biostatistics OR HI 5352 Statistical Solutions for Health Informatics Problems
  • PHM 3715 Introduction to Management and Policy Sciences
  • PHWM 2120 Man's Impact on the Environment OR PHM 2110 Overview of Environmental Health
  • PHM 1110 Social & Behavioral Aspects of Community Health OR PHM 1111 Health Promotion Theory and Methods I

Summary of Number of Hours Required for both degrees

  • 42 hours to meet the Masters of Science degree
  • 45 hours to meet the Masters of Public Health
  • 13 shared hours with MS/MPH
  • Total of 74 hours for both degrees


Specified HI courses may be substituted with other HI courses with the approval of your advising committee.

SPH will not accept any transfer credits toward their certificate or degrees.