Focus Areas

Clinical Informatics

Storage, access, interpretation and analysis of health and medical data communicated through electronic transmission

Cognitive Informatics

Study of medical decision making, cognitive foundations of health behaviors and the effective use of computer-based information technologies in healthcare

Computational Biomedicine

Biomedical signal processing, biophysics, computational modeling, computer graphics, drug and contrast delivery, image processing, macromolecular modeling, organ/organism simulations, structural bioinformatics, spatial cognition, virtual reality

Learning and Technology

Artificial intelligence, design and evaluation, educational research, edutainment, human behavior, human machine learning, integrating learning sciences, multimedia design

Public Health Informatics

Disability informatics, disaster/emergency informatics, geographic information systems, global infectious disease monitoring, health disparities analysis, health information exchange, health literacy, health promotion using technology, informatics for vulnerable populations, preventative health informatics, public health data visualization, risk communication, spatial and temporal analysis, syndromic surveillance