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Welcome!  As Historian, my responsibilities include being Editor-in-Chief of the SIC student newsletter, Student Pulse. The Pulse is released quarterly to help develop awareness and communication among the students of all six UTHealth schools. In order to achieve this goal, the SIC needs students to send us news from your school or student organization.  Send us announcements about upcoming events, scholarship awards, fundraising opportunities, volunteering, etc. Together we can work toward a more unified UTHealth student community and support one another toward our common endeavors.

Please send your announcements and information to with a subject line of “Student Pulse Article”.


Academic Year 2020-2021              Academic Year 2021-2022             
December 2020 Student Pulse December 2021 Student Pulse
Spring 2021 Student Pulse Spring 2022 Student Pulse


Academic Year 2015-2016                      Academic Year 2015-2016                  
Salutation 2015 Video SIC Turkey Drive 2015 Video
Salutation 2015 Photo Album UT House Medics work day Video- April 16, 2016
Boo Bash 2015 Video UT House Medics Photo Album by UTHealth (on Flickr)
SPH Diversity Fair 2015 Video SIC 2016 Annual Deans Dinner Video

The Student InterCouncil publishes Student Pulse from September through May at UTHealth. The opinions expressed in Student Pulse do not necessarily represent the opinions of the UTHealth administration and are not UTHealth policy, unless specifically stated. The editors reserve the right to edit any material submitted for this publication.