Sponsored Projects Administration

Assembly of University Research Administrators

Meetings are 10:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m. in MSB 2.135

Next meeting is March 25.

2015 schedule: 

  • March 25
  • May 27
  • July 22
  • September 23
  • December - TBD

2016 Schedule:

  • January

To be added to the AURA email list, please contact William Mitchell.

Recordings of previous meetings can be found by searching "AURA" at: http://video.uth.tmc.edu/

AURA 01/28/15 - Equipment Transfers, CRF Updates, Effort Reminders, Audit Update

AURA 12/16/14 - SPA Updates, NIH Updates, Effort Reminders, Uniform Guidance reminders

AURA 09/24/14 - Clinical Trial Closeout, Coverage Analysis, NIH Update, Uniform Guidance

AURA 07/23/14 - RCOI Certification Form Update, SPA Training, Clinical Research Finance Policies/Training, F&A Rate Agreement Update

AURA 05/28/14 - IRB Billing, Federal Revenue Transition, Effort Reminders, Gift vs Grant

AURA 03/26/14 - R&A Changes, CPRIT Matching Changes, Website updates

AURA 01/22/14 - Rev. NIH Salary Cap, Transfer In Applications, Research Patient Payments, and more

AURA 09/25/13 - Animal Welfare Committee, Hoop 95, Federal Grant Changes

AURA 05/29/13 - Scival Experts, FDP Update, Year-End Project Extensions

AURA 01/23/13 - NIH Public Access Policy, Late Submissions, Equipment Loans, SciVal

AURA 11/28/12 - Bioinformatics Service Center, Federal Training Grants/Fellowships, Effort Certification

AURA 09/26/12 - Subrecipient vs Vendor, COI Update, Departing PIs

AURA 07/25/12 - Financial Conflicts of Interest, Research Performance Progress Reports, Just-In-Time

AURA 05/23/12 - Cayuse Self-Submit, Multiple PI Leadership Plan, Effort Reporting

AURA 03/28/12 - Cayuse Self-Submit, Service Centers, ARRA Update

AURA 01/25/12 - Non-Monetary R&A Form, HHS Salary Cap

AURA 11/30/11 - eCRT Update, Budget Development Tool, Subcontracting Plans

AURA 09/28/11 - HOOP 64, Commitment Training, Budget Development

AURA 07/27/11 - NIH 2% Inflation, CPRIT Awards, Revised Forms

AURA 05/25/11 - Cost Sharing Memo, IDC Waivers, Cost Transfers, Foreign Travel

AURA 03/23/11 - Proposal Submission, PAFT Update, 2011 AURA Schedule

To be added to the AURA email distribution list, contact William Mitchell.