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Cayuse424 v5.2.2 coming April 5, 2013

Published April 03, 2013 by OSP

Evisions is excited to announce the upcoming release of Cayuse 424 Version 5.2.2 on Friday, April 5th.

Version 5.2.2 delivers:

-          Compatibility with’s new endpoint V2.0

  • NIH and NSF will not be ready to use V2.0 until later this year, but we’re ready now!
  • Lays the foundation for Multi-Project application submissions later this year
  • Discontinues support (FAQs can be found here)

-          Several new form versions and updates

  • Dept. of Education Supplement form
  • NEH Supplementary Cover Sheet
  • Other necessary form updates

-          Improvements to header alignment in the budget

-          Additional fixes and agency validation updates

Evisions has scheduled the upgrade for Friday, April 5th at 7pm.

Cayuse 424 will be offline for approximately 4 hours.