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Cayuse 424 version 5.2 Implementation Issue

Published February 25, 2013 by OSP

There is an issue with the new version of Cayuse 424 which was implemented over the weekend that is affecting ability for customers to submit proposals to Grants.gov's new S2S End Point.  As a result Cayuse has been rolled back to the previous version of Cayuse 424 (5.1).

The roll-back will ensure that customers will be able to continue to submit to Grants.gov. 

For those of you attempting to meet submission deadlines this week, they have assigned a dedicated contact to assist with any questions or issues that come up.  Please contact:

Eric Whichelow, Customer Support Coordinator

Phone: (503) 297-2108 ext. 201

Email: researchsuitesupport@evisions.com

At Evisions we make every effort to be as transparent as possible, both with our successes as well as our challenges.  We've provided more details on the issue below, so that you can answer questions from your own staff with confidence that the situation is being addressed.

Additional Background:

On Friday Evisions implemented version 5.2 of Cayuse 424 which has new features including support for the new Grants.gov S2S end point.  This version was thoroughly tested using the Grants.gov test server and our standard quality assurance processes.  The version appeared to be working after the update as we were able to observe customers pulling through new opportunities (the other function of the end point besides S2S submission).

Late Saturday night and Sunday morning customers let us know that submissions were not being received by Grants.gov.  We immediately began to trouble shoot the issue.  After analysis, it appeared as though Grants.gov made changes between their test server and their production server.    We have contacted the appropriate personnel at Grants.gov, leaving multiple messages explaining the urgency of the issues we are experiencing.  To fully resolve the issues, we need to work with Grant.gov’s IT Operations team, which is available starting at 9am Eastern.

Waiting for a response from the Grants.Gov team would not ensure customers could submit proposals on time.  The safest and most responsive option was to roll-back to the previous version of Cayuse 424, which uses the older Grants.gov end point.  We began this process at 8:00pm Pacific Sunday night and expect to complete all customers within 14-16 hours.  We then began communicating with those affected, giving priority to those with pending deadlines, and are now reaching out to the whole Cayuse 424 user community.

Regardless of the origin of the issue, we are taking this situation extremely seriously and will keep you apprised of any updates.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.  We hope that our long standing commitment to the community, and our past track record help preserve your confidence in us as we move forward and correct the issue.