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Sponsored Projects Administration

Systems & Reporting Overview

Systems & Reporting provides information and guidance with grant submission and management systems (electronic research administration) used at UTHealth, such as Cayuse424 and eRA Commons as well as data on University proposals and awards.

SPAR, the Sponsored Projects Activity Report database, is the internal database that maintains all pre-award sponsored research activity. SPAR data is used to generate reports on sponsored projects activity and provides important historical and projection measurement data for The UT System and for UTHealth including the fiscal year published Factbook.

The Systems & Reporting Team provides reports on awards received and proposals submitted by UTHealth. The reports can be found on the Sponsored Projects Administration website under Reporting. This information is for internal purposes. A UTHealth username and login will be required if accessing from an external location.

Reporting includes statistics on applications and awards. Below is data from NIH showing the number of competing applications, awards and success rates by fiscal year. This data does not include awards made under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The chart on the right replicates the NIH chart by showing UTHealth’s NIH competing applications, awards and success rates (this chart does not include ARRA funding).

NIH Competing Awards UTHealth Competing- No ARRA