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Sponsored Projects Administration


Cayuse424 (Cayuse) is a web-based system with a direct portal to that provides a faster and more reliable grant proposal submission system. Cayuse also assists faculty with preparation of applications by maintaining a database of standard information related to the University, faculty, and staff which auto-fill into application forms. Cayuse also includes an electronic routing system for internal approval of the grant application, thus eliminating the need for hard copy distribution.

A Cayuse account is created by simply logging in with your UTHealth username and password. See further instructions in the Getting Started with Cayuse424 document.

Effective September 2013, Cayuse will be the primary mechanism to route proposals (federal and non-federal) to the Grants team for review and approval. Detailed instructions are provided in the How to Upload a Non-Federal Application to SPA document. 

All federal proposals built in Cayuse will be submitted by the PI or their delegate using the self-submit process. HOOP 64 requires Sponsored Projects Administration review of the Administrative & Financial (A&F) portion of the application. Once the Grants team reviews and approves the A&F portion, it will be routed back to the department. After the PI has completed the science, the PI or their delegate will submit the final application. For detailed instructions, click here

Helpful information:

For more information on electronic submissions, click here.

If a collaborating institution needs to be added to Cayuse, email the following information to

  • Full legal name
  • Address, including ZIP Code + 4
  • DUNS number
  • Congressional District
  • Indirect Rate Agreement

If a collaborator needs to be added to Cayuse, email the following information to

  • Full Name
  • Affiliated Institution

You will be contacted as soon as the institution and/or collaborator have been added to Cayuse.

Email for questions and troubleshooting.