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Sponsored Projects Administration

Sponsored Projects Administration maintains an internal database with all pre-award sponsored research activity for UTHealth. This data is used to generate reports on sponsored projects activity. It provides important historical and projection measurements, including the fiscal year published Factbook figures.

UTHealth START Pre-Defined Reports

If you do not see the below Pre-Defined Reports, contact

Note: The security access drive what data you see so you will not be able to see projects from different department where you don't have access to.

How to run Pre-Defined Reports:

In START > Go to any module (example: Sponsored Projects) > Pre-Defined Reports > Another window will pop up with a list of standard reports > you will need to input some criteria such as associated department name or date range > Run.


Date Range: UTHealth START contains data legacy from around FY19 (09/01/2018) to date so for older historical data then you will need to request with S&R.

When selecting Associated Department, select the department name that contain (dept) or (div) as this is the highest node in department structure or else you will not get all data within that department. Never select the department with 8 (digits)

Example: Search Neurology > a couple of Neurology + (8 digits) and one with Neurology (dept) > pick Neurology (dept) as this is the highest node that will contain all the Neurology's division. 


Another tip with finding the correct associated department name is by using the Locate button. This feature let you expand out the department's structure, making it easier to select the high node. 

Example: Pediatrics (dept) which has (div) level then (8 digits) level, here you can pick Pediatrics (dept) for all or Pediatrics, Administration (div) if you only want that division level. 


Custom Reports/Standard Reports Add On

The list of Standard Reports is an expanding list so System & Reporting team will continue updating reports to SPA standards and add on new/high frequency demand reports.

If you're not too sure about running standard reports or need a more detail customize reports then contact S&R for all ad-hoc reports, custom reports or automate alert reports inquiry.

S&R email at 



The reports below are a fiscal year comparison of awards received and proposals submitted on a monthly basis. Awards are counted annually and not by the project period, i.e. an NIH award is counted each year when the Notice of Grant Award is received. These reports are updated mid-month.

Note: This data is simply a “snap-shot” in time and may change.

FY 20-22 Award Summary

FY 20-22 Proposal Summary

FY 20-22 Federal Awards

Running Total - FY20-22


FY 17-19 Award Summaries

FY 17-19 Proposal Summaries


The reports below are a fiscal year on year comparison of awards received and proposals submitted as of the month indicated by each summary link. A full fiscal year comparison will be available at the end of the fiscal year.

Note: This data is simply a “snap-shot” in time and may change.

Research Expenditures - FY20-22 

Medical School Summaries FY20-22 

School of Dentistry Summaries - FY20-22 

School of Biomedical Informatics Summaries - FY20-22 

School of Nursing Summaries- FY20-22

School of Public Health Summaries - FY20-22