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Contracts Team

Under HOOP 64, the Sponsored Projects Administration Contracts team is responsible for the review, negotiation, and acceptance of all contracts and subawards for sponsored activities at the University.

This internal review process is necessary to ensure that all sponsored project documentation concurs with the mission of the University and adheres to all applicable federal, state, and institutional policies and guidelines. The review process allows Contracts to assure potential sponsors that time and cost commitments are appropriate and all compliance issues (e.g., human subjects, animal use, export controls, conflicts of interest) are adequately addressed.

Contracts reviews and negotiates all sponsored projects contracts, including confidential disclosure agreements (sometimes called non-disclosure agreements), material transfer agreements, lab study agreements, sponsored research agreements (including clinical trial agreements), and subcontracts.

In order to conduct a proper review, and ensure negotiations include language appropriate to the research, Contracts requires a completed appropriate R&A Form form for all sponsored projects.

Overview of the Contract Review Process

  • The project is assigned for review to the department's Sponsored Projects Specialist (SPS).
  • The draft agreement and sponsor contact information should be sent to the SPS so any necessary negotiations with the sponsor can be conducted.
  • While the SPS is negotiating the contract, the department should be completing the R&A Form and developing the project budget. Departments are responsible for negotiating the budget and payment terms with the sponsor.
  • The department should send the R&A Form to the SPS once completed.
  • Once the SPS finalizes the agreement and receives the R&A, the agreement will be sent to the PI for review and approval, or signature when required.
  • After the PI signs-off on the agreement, the SPS will obtain signatures from an SPA authorized signing official.
  • The SPS will submit the fully-executed contract, R&A, and all applicable assurances to PAF for account set-up (all required assurances (animal, human, biological agents) must be obtained and sent to Contracts prior to account establishment).
  • The PI, DMO, and other appropriate personnel will be notified by email when the account has been established.



  • Determine eligibility of PI.
  • Ensure scientific merit is within research and educational objectives.
  • Confirm participation of co-investigators and consultants in the proposed project.
  • Obtain appropriate University assurances (animal, human, biological agents), if necessary.
  • Adhere to compliance policies (conflicts of interest, PI responsibility training).
  • Prepare financial documents (budget development, cost-sharing requests, salary verification).
  • Secure departmental R&A Form approvals.
  • Ensure the project meets financial interests of the school.
  • Ensure adequate planning for additional space, renovations, equipment installations.
  • Provide initial approval of indirect cost waivers and cost-sharing requests.