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Lab Study/Lab Testing Agreements

Lab Study Agreements (LSA) are typically used when a sponsor wants an investigator to analyze samples and provide them with results or other scientific information related to the samples. This work may result in new intellectual property which is defined in the agreement.

Lab Testing Agreements (LTA) are used when a sponsor requests an investigator to run routine tests on the samples and give the results back to them without analysis. There is no new intellectual property involved in this type of Agreement.  

Contracts is responsible for review, negotiation, and execution of LSAs and LTAs. The department is responsible for completing the R&A Form, negotiating the budget with the sponsor, and submitting the required  documents to the appropriate review boards (Institutional Review Board, Animal Welfare Committee, etc.).

Once the Agreement is fully-executed, the Sponsored Projects Specialist will forward the completed agreement to the PAF Team for account setup.