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About the Grants Team

Under HOOP 64, the Sponsored Projects Administration Grants team is responsible for the review and acceptance of grants for sponsored activities at UTHealth.

This internal review process is necessary to ensure that all sponsored project documentation concurs with the mission of the University and adheres to federal, state, and institutional policies and guidelines. The review process allows the Grants team to assure potential sponsors that time and cost commitments are appropriate and all compliance issues (e.g., human subjects, animal use, export controls, conflicts of interest) are adequately addressed.

Overview of the Grant Review Process

In order to review and process grant applications, the Grants team requires the complete administrative and finance (A&F) application package ten (10) days prior to sponsor deadline. The Grants team will not accept application packages that are incomplete or in draft form.

Documents may be routed to the Grants team using Cayuse. The Grants team does not accept A&F documents via fax or email. Once the documents are received, the process as outlined below is initiated. 

  • The A&F Package is assigned for review to a Sponsored Projects Specialist (SPS).
  • The SPS reviews A&F portions for institutional and sponsor compliance and communicates with the departmental administrator or Principal Investigator (PI) about any additional information that is required.
  • The SPS provides assistance with budget revisions and guideline interpretation.
  • The SPS obtains signatures from an authorized signing official.
  • The SPS will grant the submit permission for Cayuse424 proposals.
  • Once the department uploads the completed science, the departments/PIs will submit the Cayuse424 application via the Self-Submit Process.
  • The Grants team will submit all non-Cayuse424 electronic submissions (Fastlane, CPRIT, EHB, Komen, CDMRP, AHA, THECB); the department is responsible for hard copy submissions.
  • The Grants team maintains a file of the proposal until notification of award or non-funding.
  • At Just-In-Time (JIT) or when any request is made from sponsor prior to award, the Grants team serves as liaison and officially responds to all correspondence (budget revisions, other support documents, IRB approvals, etc.). The Grants team works with the PI to obtain and submit any information needed by the sponsor, including revised budgets, compliance committee protocol approvals and University representations and certifications.
  • The sponsor completes proposal review and informs the PI or the Grants team of the funding decision.
  • If an award is made, the sponsor sends the Grants team the notice of grant award (NOGA or NOA) document. If the PI receives the NOGA, it should be sent to the Grants team. 



  • Determines eligibility of PI.
  • Ensures scientific merit is within research and educational objectives.
  • Ensures proposal meets sponsor requirements.
  • Confirms participation of co-investigators and consultants in the proposed project.
  • Obtains subcontract documents from collaborators.
  • Obtains appropriate University assurances (animal, human, biological agents), if necessary.
  • Adheres to compliance policies (conflicts of interest, PI responsibility training).
  • Prepares financial documents (budget development, cost-sharing requests, salary verification).
  • Secures departmental R&A Form approvals.
  • Ensures the proposal meets financial interests of the school.
  • Ensures adequate planning for additional space, renovations, equipment installations.
  • Provides initial approval of indirect cost waivers and cost-sharing requests.