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Internal Deadlines

In accordance with HOOP 64, faculty should submit proposals to Pre-award as soon as possible to expedite the review process. The final administrative and financial portions of the application and the Review and Approval Form (complete with signatures and appropriate approvals for use of animals, human subjects, or other applicable assurances) are due to Pre-award ten (10) business days prior to the sponsor deadline. The final application, complete with science, is due three (3) business days prior to the submission deadline.

To ensure all proposals are submitted in a timely submission to the funding agency in accordance with the requirements of the sponsor, and to conform to University policies and The University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Pre-award will not accept applications requiring review and approval less than three (3) business days prior to the sponsor deadline. Pre-award will handle such late applications at the discretion of the Grants team director.

To meet the ten (10) business day deadline, proposals must be complete and final, with all signatures or other required documentation. These proposals will be given priority over any late submissions and are guaranteed to be reviewed and submitted (if submitted by Pre-award) by the agency deadline. 

Pre-award makes every attempt to accommodate requests to review proposals that are submitted on-time. However, to ensure no proposal is submitted to the agency without review, there will be no exceptions to the ten (10) business day deadline for the following:

  • Complex proposals (e.g., federal contract proposals, program projects, center grants).
  • Standing grant programs with recurring deadlines (e.g., NIH new R01s).
  • Same-day submissions.

If you have any questions about proposal deadlines or required documentation, contact your Pre-award specialist.