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No Cost Extension

No-cost extensions (NCE) are a formal extension of the grant termination date which gives the Principal Investigator (PI) time to complete the scope and objectives of the project without additional funds being provided by the sponsor. Although requests may not be made for the sole purpose of spending remaining funds, you may expend remaining funds during the no-cost extension period.

All requests for NCEs must be approved prior to the expiration of the grant.

Individual sponsor requirements vary and each funding agency may have its own procedure for granting an NCE. First-time requests are generally due to the sponsor thirty (30) days prior to the end date of the project. Any subsequent extension requests, if permitted, are due to the sponsor sixty (60) days prior to the extended end date of the project. To request an NCE for your grant account, email or call Post Award Finance (PAF). PAF will review the funding agency’s requirements and provide guidance through the requesting process.

Federal Awards Under Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) or Expanded Authority

The first 12-month NCE can be approved by the University through request to PAF. To request an NCE in this situation, email PAF the request, including the following information:

  • The project account number.
  • The grant award number
  • The desired termination date (must be within 12 months of the original termination date).
  • The reason for extension request.

Potential reasons include:

  • Additional time beyond the established expiration date is required to assure completion of the original approved project scope or objectives.
  • Continuity of the PHS grant support is required while a competing application is under review.
  • The extension is necessary to permit an orderly phase-out of a project that will not receive continued support

After review of the request, PAF will notify the federal funding agency of local approval by the University.

Extensions For Agencies Without Expanded Authority

For all other awards, including other federal awards not under FDP or expanded authority, email the PAF Team for specific instructions on compliance with the agency’s requesting process.

NCE Second Request

When a second request is allowed, it usually requires direct review by the sponsor and a lead-time of approximately sixty (60) days. For more information, consult the terms and conditions of the award agreement, sponsor guidelines, or contact PAF for guidance.