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Statement of Qualifications

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston was created by The University of Texas System Board of Regents in 1972. Located in the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, the University brings together a dental school (established 1905), a graduate school of biomedical sciences (1963), a medical school (1969), a school of public health (1969), a school of nursing (1972), a psychiatric center (1986), an institution of molecular medicine for the prevention of human diseases (1995), and a school of health information science (1997). The University pursues its mission to educate health science professionals, discover and translate advances in the biomedical and social sciences, and model the best practices in clinical care and public health. It pursues this mission in order to advance the quality of human life by enhancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and injury, and as well as promoting individual health and community well-being.

With an operating budget of over $1 billion, including almost $200 million in contract and grant awards, the University is the most comprehensive academic health center in Texas and educates and trains 4,485 students annually.

The University is characterized by consolidation and growth in all dimensions through the combination of biomedical sciences, social sciences, and behavioral sciences with influences from the humanities in interdisciplinary activities that are part of the fundamental definition of a modern academic heath science center. These interdisciplinary activities enable our 1,585 faculty and 3,971 staff members to place special emphasis on complex ethical, economic, socio-behavioral, scientific and clinical questions related to health. They also provide opportunities for clinicians and scientists to engage in clinical and translation research designed to take scientific discoveries from the lab to the patient’s bedside.

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