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Withdrawing Proposals

Occasionally, circumstances require that a proposal be withdrawn after it has been submitted to a sponsor, thereby removing it from funding consideration. Proposals may be electronically withdrawn, as is the case with NIH, NSF Fastlane, and CPRIT, or by written request, as DOE and DOD require. An official request to withdraw must include the signatures of both the PI and an authorized signing official from SPA.


Electronic Withdrawal

  • The PI or a designee must notify the Sponsored Projects Specialist (SPS) who reviewed the proposal.
  • The SPS will help determine how far along the proposal is in the submission cycle and provide recommendations for proceeding with the withdrawal.
  • Once the course of action is determined, the PI must indicate in an email that she/he wishes to move forward with withdrawing the application. This email is then escalated to an SPA signing official, who will withdraw the proposal.
In the event it is too late to withdraw an application electronically, SPA will research other options for withdrawing the proposal.

Written Withdrawal

For NIH proposals, applications can be withdrawn any time prior to the deadline. Once the funding opportunity has closed, withdrawal requests must be written and sent via email or fax.

  • The PI or a designee must notify the SPS who reviewed the the proposal. 
  • On institutional letterhead, the PI will address the letter to the appropriate sponsor contact, provide the required grant reference number, and a justification for the withdrawal. The PI should sign the letter and create a signature block for the SPA signing official.
  • After review, the request letter will be submitted according to sponsor guidelines.
  • The PI will be responsible for any additional follow-up with SPA and/or the sponsor.