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The UTHealth Sponsored Project Administration Contracts and Grants teams (Pre-Award) are made up of diverse professionals dedicated to providing customer-focused expertise and professional guidance to research staff and faculty, while efficiently and effectively advancing sponsored research, instruction, and public service programs within the UTHealth research community. 

Sponsored Projects Organizational Chart

Pre-Award Directors
Karen Niemeier Director, Contracts 713-500-3144
Krystal Toups Director, Grants 713-500-3091
Christopher Denman Assistant Director, Contracts 713-500-3166

Sponsored Projects Specialists
Adam Kapasi 713-500-3194 Jon Meyers 713-500-3063
Adriana Smith 713-500-3022 Myrna Breeding 713-500-3486
Andrew Ye 713-500-3375 Naina Prasla 713-500-3057
Daniel DeLeon 713-500-3352 Silvia Garza 713-500-3373
Jo Ann Golden 713-500-3023 Tiffany Sagers 713-500-3492
John Nelson 713-500-3043 Valerie Bomben 713-500-3174

Sponsored Projects Assistants
Cheryl Jackson 713-500-3051 Nicholas Bisase 713-500-3999

DepartmentContracts SpecialistGrants Specialist
A&F - Biotechnology Adriana
A&F - CCTS Daniel Jon M.
A&F - CeTIR John N.
A&F - Office of Research Adriana
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Adam Naina
MS - Advanced Heart Failure Christopher
MS - Anesthesiology Andrew Silvia
MS - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Christopher Jon M.
MS - Biomedical Engineering Adam Myrna
MS - Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery Christopher Jon M.
MS - Dermatology Christopher Naina
MS - Developmental Pediatrics (CLI) Adam Tiffany
MS - Emergency Medicine Andrew Tiffany
MS - EP Heart Adriana Naina
MS - Family Practice Christopher Silvia
MS - Gulf States Hemophilia Center Adam Jon M.
MS - Health, Humanities & Human Spirit Program Christopher Jon M.
MS - IM - Allergy & Clinical Immunology Daniel Naina
MS - IM - Cardiology Adriana
MS - IM - Chair's Office John N. Myrna
MS - IM - Endocrinology Andrew Naina
MS - IM - Gastroenterology Adam Valerie
MS - IM - General Division Daniel Valerie 
MS - IM - Geriatric Medicine Andrew Jon M.
MS - IM - Hematology Andrew Valerie
MS - IM - Infectious Diseases Adriana Jo Ann
MS - IM - Medical Genetics Andrew Jo Ann
MS - IM - Oncology Christopher Jo Ann
MS - IM - Pulmonary/Critical Care Andrew
MS - IM - Renal Disease Andrew Silvia
MS - IM - Rheumatology Andrew Jo Ann
MS - IMM - Cardiovascular Genetic Research Adriana
MS - IMM - General Adriana
MS - IMM - Human Genetics Adriana
MS - IMM - Immunology Autoimmune Diseases Adriana
MS - IMM - Metabolic Degenerative Diseases Adriana
MS - IMM - Molecular Imaging Adriana
MS - IMM - NanoMedicine & Biomedical Engineering Adriana
MS - IMM - Proteomics Systems Biology Adriana
MS - IMM - Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Adriana
MS - IMM - Texas Therapeutic Institute Adriana
MS - Integrative Biology & Pharmacology Christopher
MS - Microbiology & Molecular Genetics Daniel Myrna
MS - Neurobiology & Anatomy Daniel
Jo Ann
MS - Neurology Daniel Naina
MS - Neurosurgery Daniel Jon M.
MS - OB/GYN John N. Valerie 
MS - Ophthalmology Andrew Valerie
MS - Orthopedic Surgery Adam Jon M.
MS - Otorhinolaryngology Adriana
MS - Pathology Adam Silvia
MS - Pediatric Surgery Adam Jo Ann
MS - Pediatrics John N. Silvia
MS - Physical Medicine Rehab Christopher Valerie
MS - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Daniel
MS - Radiology Adriana Jo Ann
MS - Surgery John N.
School of Biomedical Informatics Adam Silvia
School of Dentistry Adriana
School of Nursing Christopher Jon M.
SPH - Austin Regional Campus Christopher Myrna
SPH - Biostatistics Andrew Tiffany
SPH - Brownsville Regional Campus/RAHC Adriana Valerie
SPH - Center for Biosecurity & Public Health Daniel Myrna
SPH - Center for Health Promotion & Prevention Daniel Silvia
SPH - Center for Infectious Diseases Christopher Jo Ann
SPH - Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials Christopher Naina
SPH - Dallas Regional Campus Christopher Jo Ann
SPH - El Paso Regional Campus Christopher
SPH - Environmental & Occupational Health Christopher
Jon M.
SPH - Epidemiology John N. Valerie
SPH - Health Promotion & Behavioral Science Daniel D. Naina
SPH - Human Genetics Center John N. Valerie
SPH - Management, Policy & Community Health Daniel Jo Ann
SPH - Michael & Susan Dell Center for Advancement of Health Living Christopher Myrna
SPH - Office of the Dean John N. Jo Ann
SPH - San Antonio Regional Campus Christopher Myrna
SPH - SW Center Occupational & Environmental Health Christopher Jon M.