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Review and Approval Forms

The Review and Approval forms are internal forms required for all sponsored research projects (exclusive of continuations/progress reports). R&As must be submitted for all grant proposals and applications, and for all industry-sponsored projects.

The forms are updated regularly. Check back often for the newest version.

Forms must be downloaded in order to save them. To do so, right-click the link, click "Save Target As...", then choose the destination on your computer.

Review & Approval Form- Required for all monetary sponsored projects.

Non-Monetary Review & Approval Form - Required for all non-monetary sponsored projects. This form is mostly used for material transfers in and out of the University, data use agreements, and non-monetary collaboration and research agreements.

Additional Personnel Addendum - Use this addendum when additional space is required to list all personnel working on the project.

Signature Page Addendum - Use this addendum when more than one department is involved in the project, and departmental signatures/approvals are required.

Research Conflict of Interest Form - RCOI forms are required for all personnel involved in the project (for more information, refer to the office of Academics & Research Affairs).

R&A Addendum - This Addendum must be completed for NIH continuations/progress reports and other requests that do not require the full R&A form.