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Jennifer Beauchamp, PhD, RN

Jennifer Beauchamp, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, UT Health School of Nursing

Dr. Jennifer E. (Sanner) Beauchamp is an Associate Professor at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) Cizik School of Nursing in the Department of Research. She is the Lead Investigator of the University of Texas System Health Biobank Consortium. Under Dr. Beauchamp's leadership, genetic and omics-based biobanking efforts are expanding and speeding scientific discovery and translation across eight large academic research and clinical institutions. Her community dialog will continue to influence policy development and informed decision making about genetic biobanking research. Specifically, Dr. Beauchamp is generating evidence in biobehavioral determinants of health by targeting neuropsychiatric health to improve health and symptom outcomes. She has numerous publications highlighting the presence of elevated symptoms of depression and associated heightened cardiovascular risks in individuals with acute coronary syndromes. Dr. Beauchamp's research emphasizes the importance of understanding mental health in those living in the aftermath of cardio- and cerebrovascular diseases.

Dr. Beauchamp is currently studying the impact of a dyadic, meditation intervention on mental health in high-risk stroke survivors and their informal caregivers. Additionally, she is currently funded to implement the principles of patient-centered measurement by working as a team with diverse stroke survivors and informal caregivers to determine and define stroke recovery mental health priorities and outcome measures prior to implementation in larger-scale stroke recovery efforts. 



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