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To be eligible for a state-issued individual corporate travel charge card, the state employee must:

  • take, or be expected to take, three (3) or more trips per fiscal year, or
  • spend at least $500.00 per fiscal year for official state business travel.
  • available to full time employees.

To apply for a Corporate Travel Card, complete the following.         

Card Use Agreement

Citibank Commercial Travel Card SetUp Form
(complete only Section IV, except (4), (5) and (12) and Section VI signature) 

Return the completed forms to the Program Administrator, Diane Collard, to process application with Citibank.  Approval or denial of the application could take 3-7 working days at which time you will receive notification from the Program Administrator.

Billing address:  Home address only and not your business address since the cards are Individual Liability cards.

Liability: The individual whose name appears on the individual liability corporate travel charge card is liable for all charges applied to the card.

NOTE: Individual corporate travel charge cards issued through the State of Texas are to be used for official state business travel expenses only.

Auxiliary Enterprises is a division within University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston comprised of all its business entities. This family of fifteen-plus divisions plays a vital role providing a wide variety of essential services and support to UTHealth students, faculty and staff and often the Texas Medical Center community. These departments offer extremely competitive pricing and value added services.


To be the model Auxiliary Enterprises within American higher education universities.


To be the number one resource of choice for all of our customers in support of our university's mission.

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