University Classified Staff Council Educational Awards:

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) is dedicated to improving lives and creating a brighter future, and the University Classified Staff Council (UCSC) seeks to partner in this process. Our goal is to advise the president and leadership on matters of importance to UTHealth classified employees and to support these employees. One of the ways we provide this support is through the UCSC Educational Awards Program, a competitive, merit-based program that offers financial assistance for higher education to selected, eligible children of classified staff.

The UCSC believes that investing in today’s young people is an important part of improving the future. Whether these young people are interested in health care or another field, they are the leaders of tomorrow who will carry forward our pursuit of excellence and impact positive change for our communities. The UCSC Educational Awards Program assists them on this journey.

Since 2006, UCSC has provided an educational award program to help graduating high school students. The funds provide financial support for children of current, full-time classified employees at UTHealth through a competitive award process based on each student’s accomplishments, achievements, and their volunteerism, as well as their scholastic successes. As we all know, education is expensive, and these awards make a real difference in the lives of bright young people, some of whom go on to Ivy League schools. Funds raised through this effort, as well as, silent auctions and other fundraisers, will be awarded this summer, for the fall semester. There are no administrative fees, so all of the money raised, so all raised funds can be distributed as awards Beginning with the 2006 award winners, this program has helped 139 students and funded over $155,800 in awards.

Our main goal is to increase the success of our graduating high school seniors, helping them to make a great start in their future college education. We would like to invite you to be part of this initiative and financially support our students through a donation. Your support encourages students and shows them that they have potential worth of investing.

Thank you for being part of this initiative! By donating, you are providing a helping hand to tomorrow’s leaders!

Our Goal $30,000

Donate Donate Donate We need your support!

Your gift, whatever the size, makes a difference. Your donation will go toward the college education of a very deserving child of a classified staff employee. Whether you make a one-time gift or pledge to donate annually, all contributions are greatly appreciated.

In 2020, we raised more than $28,400 to award to college-bound high school seniors thanks to donations from individuals like you from across the UTHealth campus.

Make a Difference!

For questions about the Donate2Educate campaign and how you can help, contact UCSC.